3 Month Subscription for Sapphire Bearing Gem Wash


Includes postage in Australia

Your Gem Fever continues…

Did you enjoy the Fossickers Kit and are eager to continue the Fossicking Experience?  

We all know that one bag of Sapphire Bearing Gem Wash is not enough for a true Fossicker.

Plus, we all love getting a parcel in the mail.

This has resulted in us creating a 3 Month Subscription Box.

Every month you will receive a 3kg Bag of Sapphire Bearing Gem Wash to continue your hobby. That is:   3 kg each month for  3 months = Total: 9kgs of Sapphire bearing wash.

You will use the tools from your original Fossickers Kit to sieve and sort through finding more precious Sapphires.

We do have other options available – see 3 month or 6 month options.

We will send you an update email after purchasing a Fossickers Kit and have “Gem Fever” !!  😊

As you would have experienced in your Fossickers Kit – We only share our  “Sapphire Bearing Wash” with you that we mine here in Rubyvale – so we can guarantee you will find Sapphires. The luck side is finding good quality that will cut and facet and you won’t know until you have fossicked through the whole 3 kgs!

Sapphire colours we mine here in Rubyvale are Blue, Green and Yellow and mixtures of those colours.

And when you’re done, you can simply pack it all up into your provided container to stay neat and tidy until next time.

The Fossickers Kit is educational for adults and children.

The Kit allows you to experience what a Sapphire Fossicker does on the Sapphire Gemfields as well as learning about Sapphires.

This is an educational piece for kids – creating a hands-on learning activity that exposes them to new materials and tools.

And just a heap of fun.

We love seeing kids exploring outside, and we hope this will create some creative inspiration to their outdoor activities.

The box contains:

3kg of Sapphire Bearing Gem Wash each month.

Postage included.


We will send you an update email after purchasing a Fossickers Kit and have  “Gem Fever” !!  😊

The update email will provide information about the Sapphires you have found in your Sapphire Bearing Wash.

For example, appraisal of what you might have found, ideas on how to showcase your rough Sapphires, other helpful hints and how to expand your Gem Fever.

2 in stock (can be backordered)

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